A popular destination for expats and tourists alike, the UAE has frequently been deemed “heaven” because of the unmatchable employment, leisure, and living opportunities it provides everyone. With its amazing control of the current COVID-19 pandemic and with EXPO-2020 approaching, the UAE has been gaining even more attention than it used to in the past. If you aren’t sure about moving to the UAE, here are 15 reasons why you should consider it:

1. No Income Tax

One of the most appealing things about this country is the fact that there is no income tax whatsoever. You can save your money without having to lose a substantial amount of it to tax. Having said this, the U.A.E. does have several taxes for tourists and certain food items, such as a 100% tax on cigarettes and energy drinks.

2. Multicultural Haven

The U.A.E. is a hub for multiculturality. Not only is it a popular transit location, but in addition to the millions of tourists it welcomes annually, many expats from various countries move here to start their new lives and businesses. 

3. Easy Access to Other Tourist Destinations

Living in the U.A.E. means that you’re a 5-hour airplane ride away from most countries in the world. This is great, especially if you’re an avid traveller, as you won’t have to deal with those long and tiresome airplane rides that everyone dreads.

4. Completely Safe

The U.A.E. is one of the world’s safest countries and is regularly ranked in the top 10 safest countries of the world. You can leave your belongings at the airport or a cafe without being afraid of losing them because of how safe and secure the country is. 

5. A High Standard of Living

Everyone who lives in the U.A.E. gets to experience the best of the best, and this includes the living standard. With excellent customer care services, amazing homes, and great accessibility, there is nothing that you will dislike about living in this country.

6. Strong and Stable Economy

With the U.A.E.’s amazing diplomatic relations and its plethora of revolutionary accomplishments in technology, it is no surprise to see its economy getting stronger and stronger each day. This kind of political and economic stability is rare in this day and age, but the U.A.E. has it all!

7. Cleanliness and lack of Pollution

The U.A.E. has amazingly clean streets and public locations, and the biggest “pollution-related” issue you may ever face is the rare sandy weather that occurs a few times each year and serves as a minor inconvenience at most.

8. Superb Transportation System

The U.A.E. is constantly working on improving its systems to make life easier for residents and tourists alike, and this also includes its transportation system. In addition to an intricate and extensive metro and tram system, other forms of public transport such as buses and taxis are very common and you never have to wait longer than 5 minutes to find an available cab. Traffic is also not a big problem in the U.A.E., although some major streets do get quite crowded at specific times of the day.

9.High Quality of Education

Finding a school to enroll your children is no issue in the U.A.E. as it has hundreds of schools with various curriculums that can suit you and your child’s needs near you.

10. Amazing Healthcare

The country’s healthcare is as exceptional as its other systems; you can reach a hospital or clinic in a matter of 15 minutes, no matter where you are, and are treated with the utmost care.

11. Multitude of leisure activities.

Since the U.A.E. is a very popular tourist destination, it’s no surprise that it has many amusement parks such as Ferrari World, Warner Bros World, IMG Worlds of Adventure, and more. It also offers many popular outdoor activities such as paragliding, kayaking, and parachuting. 

12. Spectacular Weather

Dubai’s weather might be daunting to some, but it is considered as heaven for many Europeans as the weather is usually in the 20-30 degree range and is always consistent. Although it can be humid in some areas and is warm most of the year, this doesn’t stop people from leaving the house.

13. Variety of foods

Because of its inclusion of many cultures, the U.A.E. also has a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines that everyone can enjoy.

14. Focus on Happiness and Mental Health

The U.A.E. was ranked at 20 in the World Happiness Reports of 2012–2014, and the percentage of happy and content people in the country keeps increasing annually. The country also highly values mental health and continuously aims to improve its services and support in that regard.

15. Breathtaking Views

By now, you’ve probably already seen hundreds of images of the U.A.E. and its emirates on social media platforms, and it’s fair to say that the country looks exactly like its pictures, more or less. So a great benefit of moving to the U.A.E., in addition to all of the points mentioned above, could be its amazing views, no matter where in the country you are.

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